We've been looking for you.

Did you know you were missing something? You probably do way down deep. It's that unsettled feeling that you have, that you know there is a reason you are here and you have a purpose, but you just aren't sure of what it is. You want to belong, you want to feel a part of something, but nothing has really fulfilled it. We are a Bible based church in the Kansas City metro area (specifically Independence/Blue Springs) that wants you to find what you are missing in life (we believe that to be a living relationship with Jesus Christ, but we’re willing to help you wherever you feel the need is).


Keep exploring the site - you'll find a ton of resources and you'll find more about us. We’re not a perfect church, but we are a church you can believe in; a church that doesn’t just believe IN God, but actually BELIEVES God. We try to live that out on a daily basis - not just on Sundays at 10 AM. We don't always get things right, but we strive to accept everyone right where they are - from the person who hates God, to the one who thinks God is irrelevant, to the weekly church attender who needs to find Christ to those who follow Jesus on a daily basis and everyone in between.

SoulSearch Connection 2014